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Product listing ads(PLA):

09 Sep 2014


Product listing ads (PLA) are the ads that are provided by Google when someone searches for a product. These ads include information about products like: Price of the product, image, store name etc. Google provides these ads on the basis of the search queries entered by the user.

Product Listing Ads allow you to promote your products on Google Shopping that creates more engaging user experience.
There are so many benefits of Product Listing Ads and the most important benefit of PLA is that it allows you to gain more traffic for your website. It is much easier for people to click on your product's ads than search on Google and find some text they want. Product listing ads are very sales driven as they contain product price as well as retailer's name. Taking an example of one of the America's largest Website Development Company, effects of PLA over company's revenue can be seen. Company started using PLA in the mid of 2011

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