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Case study

NFC Mobile App

We have showcased our ability in this arena by developing apps and extensively working on NFC tags.Being safer and user oriented, NFC has already affected the consumer modes of communication.Its not that we use technology,we explore it.

01Over View

We look for great solutions for our client so here comes one of our client who is an owner of a factory power plant boiler and wants to collect data of the entire power point boiler.

Now the question is that whoever is collecting data he has to go over there and collect the data in this whole process attendance should be automatically marked.

So here again MTOAG comes with the solutions which enables simple and safe two-way interactions between electronic devices, allowing consumers to perform contactless transactions, access digital content, etc with a single touch.

02The Challenges

  • To get the NFC tag is one of the major challenges.

  • Well, to convert the "Byte code ID" to "String" is really a challenge able task.

  • Automatic scan at the TAG GATE for each user who is collecting the data.

  • Login and logout through NFC tag.


04App Designing

The greatest idea is only going to be as good as its design, implementation and execution because successful organizations understand the importance of strategy.

05The Solution

  • In order to get ID, we defined a module.

  • In order to convert the "Byte code ID" to "String", we defined a module.

  • Fixed the tag for each user at the TAG GATE to automatic scan.

  • For login & logout through NFC tag,we have fixed the tag.