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Case study

GPS Tracking Apps for kids & Family

We are dedicated to the field of GPS tracking app solution for kids and families, grow your business by knowing how magical GPS works.

01Over View

Recently one of our clients here at MTOAG looked for solutions about how to track kids and families using a single app. When he called us he explained us about his needs and that he has the wearable band and wants customizable solutions from which he can track or monitors the kids and families at a real time location so we came out with GPS tracker app system solutions, which is highly accurate and easy to use portable GPS unit.

With the use of this advance technology the consumer can monitors their kids and families and also gets alert if their kids & families come out of their zone fencing area.

02The Challenges

All data transfer is done using Wi-Fi over internet and is a must for the application to run properly. IOT app integration on mobile app.Zone fencing (gives alert when the consumers come out of the enclosed area).

Complex configuration makes the process a bit unclear and abandon. Accuracy problem in terms of location and speed tracking.


04App Designing

  • Send the proposal to the client.

  • Sketch the wireframes after receiving response from the clients.

  • Design the app after the client is satisfied with the wireframes.

  • Final Implementation and proper execution.

05The Solution

  • We provide application which runs properly.

  • Simple setup with ease functioning.

  • With the availability of GPS features we provide better flexibility.

  • We offer this service at a very affordable price.